I’m Getting Married…

…to someone who KNOWS that he wants to be married.

I love my life. There’s no question about that. Up until fairly recently, I was totally opposed to even the idea of finding someone to spend time with. As I get older, the idea of calling someone my “boyfriend” makes me cringe.

But I think that was because my life was basically still coming together. Now that it’s looking more the way that I want it to, I’ve started thinking about what “He” would be like.

I’ve started thinking about what he would look like, smell like, walk like, what he does for a living, how tall he is, etc.

I know exactly who he is, right down to the sound of his voice, and it’s almost frightening.

I want someone who’s thinking about the same thing. He needs to have his shit together, have his own life, his own friends. Someone who’s secure in who he is, not intimidated by a strong woman.

He needs to have had at least one child already, and that child should be fairly independent. By that I mean, not a 5 year old, or an actual child.

He also doesn’t want to have more children of his own…babies, I mean. I’m not down with babies.

Ideally, I’ll meet him sometime this year, and we’ll date for 18 months to 2 years. By this time in 2021, I’ll be planning a wedding.


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